“The first time you meet an angel you get a horrible beating” ― Terry A. Davis

Welcome to my site. I'm Michi a high school student from Italy. This website is a collection of stuff that I like, find intresting and think about.

The website is reminiscint of a gone era a beautyfully fragile aestehtic lost to time that unfortunatly due to my relatively young age I was not able to experience, yet I feel somehow connected and nostalgic.

I will be adding shit I find intresting writing small posts about ideas that pop into my mind, you're welcome to snoop around and view for yourself the workings of my mind.

Here are some of the things I work on from time to time.
Oldfag-Archive website to show the minecraft maps from the anarchy server Oldfag.org
3D Modeling
(Working so much on this I've only got one thing to show)