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This is the first post and is just a test to see if the html I coded actually works corretcly.

Sometimes I get reminded of how small and insignifcant we really are. When in a car or on a bus or train I just look up to the sky and feel humbled I feel as if nothing is real. If we stop to ponder our existence we would all be in a better place. As I look up to the sky I see clouds, enormous gasous giants hovering above our heads I admire their beuty I get reminded of the imaginary worlds from science fiction novels and movies.

I have recently been battling with the idea of political ideologies. I despise cult-like followings in the political space, be it Antifa or MAGA, and yet I somehow understand why one would want to take part. I believe my position is more in line with right-wing libertarians, but what point is there in believing only partially in something?

Allow me to explain. If one doesn't fully adhere to the closest extreme of a political ideology, they are contradicting themselves and become hypocritical. If one believes that private property should not exist but then makes the case that in x scenarios it can exist, the whole paradigm is destroyed. Similarly, if libertarian ideology sees government as the greatest source of evil but then makes the case for government in specific scenarios, the idea breaks down. You might then say, well, less government or less private property is better than a lot of said things, but that is not satisfactory. Any view that needs to come down to compromise to work is inherently dumb. Centrism is a half-assed position and delays progress. The world is complicated and doesn't fit into neat little boxes, and I have to say, this bothers me. We can't achieve a perfect, streamlined ideology that does not contradict itself. The only way some of these ideologies can properly work is on small scales. At most, it will be families and small rural communities.

If we imagine our ideas as an onion, we should peel the layers off as we understand where we could be wrong instead of adding layers to create the onion itself. One should start at the extreme of an ideology they identify with and work down to adapt it as best as they can to large-scale scenarios. Just like relativity breaks at a singularity, all political ideologies have singularities that produce inconsistencies and hypocrisies.